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FCUK YEAH - NATS Launch! août 24, 2018
Oh my FCUKing word, we're finally on NATS! It's been a process and there are still some minor kinks (hehe) to work out (notice all the default template shit here? Yeah...) but we're ready to let YOU, dear affiliate, go in and do your thing.

Do you want the good news or bad news first?

FCUK it, you don't have a choice - bad news first: you need to obtain a new CCBill Affiliate ID and associate that with your Fcuk Cash login. Yes, even if you already have a CCBill ID. We tried really hard to make this switch less inconvenient but some things we just couldn't get past. And you having to get a new CCBill ID (through our system, btw!) is one of those things.


First, click the "Forgot Password" link in order to obtain your new password for Fcuk Cash. Once you receive it, log in. You should see your old data in there, and if you had more than 1 affiliate account with us associated with the same email address, you'll see CAMPAIGNS - and those campaigns are all your other affiliate accounts merged under your main account. Makes sense? If not, hit us up at admin@fcukcash.com and we try to explain. But remember: we're pretty stupid and probably will need to ask NATS techs, too.

Once you're inside your account you'll notice....not much. There aren't a lot of tools except banners. We haven't done FHGs in years and won't start now. We might add clips in the future if a lot of you request it. But really, the most important thing are your link codes, campaigns, and the traffic data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CCBill will continue to make all your payments. This means you can't actually see PAYOUTS in our system here at Fcuk Cash at this time. You do see your traffic stats and so forth, but for actual $$$$ amounts, you'll still need to log in to CCBill's affiliate admin, which is cleverly located at https://affiliateadmin.ccbill.com

The good news?
While we're staring out pretty bare here, you'll be enjoying NATS's legendary rock-solid tracking immediately after you get your new CCBill log in and sign up. We are even going to redirect your existing (old) CCBill links to your new NATS-based links, so you for most of you there shouldn't be anything else to do. HOWEVER, some of you have custom links from us (discount join pages, shit like that). In that case we may need to hook you up with new links. If that's you, you're a fricken VIP and are already in touch with with one of us about it. If not, do hit us up at admin@fcukcash.com

Also, we are going to expand our VIP privileges. We'll be able to offer more discount links (coming soon, not right now. No, don't ask. Busy. Just wait a while), custom content, and whatever the FCUK else you need to buy your cryptos or lambos or whatever it is you're pissing your affiliate money away on.

OK, that's about it. Probably. You may get a few more emails from us, badly formatted as usual, with any announcements or updates pertinent to you. Hey, look, we used a big word like "pertinent". Yeah, we're doing things BIG here, aren't we?

Admin, Fcuk Cash